The A-Z of our Makers


Astral Herbs uses sustainable materials and high quality herbs to create ritual smoke

blends for every occasion. Each blend is crafted during the ruling planetary day and hour of its namesake, infusing it with the drawn power of that sphere.

Astral Herbs can be used in a variety of ways, from incense during mediation or a ceremony to a cup of tea to start or end your day. All ingredients are carefully selected to create a gentle mood in line with the spirit of that blend's ruling planet.


Avant-Garden’s focus is to bring herbalism and food back to its traditional grassroots methods through sustainable and circular practices. She develops workshops, recipes, fermented products and herbal creations from local plants.

Avant-Garden’s creations are made using ingredients from her local environment, working with the plants from the raw product all the way to a finished product. Everything is produced in small quantities and only for periods when those plants being used are sustainable enough to be wildcrafted. Tash, the creator of Avant-Garden is an Australian-native, Berlin-grown, qualified herbalist, cook, forager, writer and artist.


Julia from Berliner Zauberkraut creates natural herbal cleaning and household products that are effective & good for humans and nature alike. She uses traditional techniques like fermentation and soaping as well as local herbs traditionally considered as Hexenkräuter. Julia believes everything is connected and that we are happiest in harmony.

With this in mind she founded the @daheimmanufaktur communal kitchen 5 years ago, giving international food startups, herbalists and fermenters a sustainable home. In spring 2020 she called on some other Berlin fermenters & herbalists to take part in the first pop-up event and found a whole herbal & witchy community waiting to join. And so the Hexenküche was born, connecting people to the magic of nature and to each other. 


Nina creator of the cosy island witcheria a open minded source of good vibes. She creates tools like rituals candles and fragrances to protect and cleanse your energie fields to empower your soul. Cosyisland witcheria is a mirror into which you can look honestly and without fear.

To remember that it is important to know and heal thyself, that you need not be afraid to be who you really are without fearing the expectations or judgments of others as long as you act with respect and love towards mother nature and all her children.

Create & free be colorful and dgaf!


Alexis and Jonas from Edible Alchemy focus on fermentation and foraging for tastier, healthier and sustainable food and educate people through workshops, special events and foraging tours. You might have met them at one of the Bacteria Bars at the Hexenküche or at the fermentation lab. They also run their own online Academy.


E&B is a genderfluid project by Narumi that conflates conscious sexuality with Post-Colonialism and Queer Feminism. E&B focuses on dearmouring sexuality from patriarchal and colonial matrices, therefore taking you to your most authentic essence. The handmade herbal products are crafted to support you in opening to your highest sexual potential through ritualism and plant Spirit medicine.


Susanna’s work as holistic coach, facilitator and teacher has been woven with the practice of tarot reading for many years, helping her learn and connect deeply with herself and other human beings. Tarot have become a supportive tool for the expansion of consciousness and intuition.

If you are looking for guidance and new found clarity, the cards are here to help you.


Idun Hansen is a herbalist from the northern part of Sweden and since three years she is based in Berlin. In her small business IdunHerbs she makes handmade herbal remedies, skincare products and she gives workshops and teaches about herbal medicine making, botany and how to strengthen our reciprocal relationship to the natural world.  


Janina is a herbal gynaecologist, womb whisperer & passionate gardener, and her project “She Who Howls” paints a landscape of guidance through the realms of feminine empowerment, remembrance & reconnection – reconnection to both our own rhythmic nature and the beauty of the wild nature that surrounds us.
She strives to encourage the self-healing capacities of body & soul, offering consultations around holistic herbal health for womxn and a series of botanical remedies lovingly crafted from home-grown and locally foraged plants. Her apothecary includes natural products for pussy care, hormone balance, menstrual healing rituals, womb cleansing practices, self-care, sensuality & pleasure. 


Soapsoop is a local Berlin soap project by Korean designer Hanna Kang. As a craft experiment, with Soapsoop she tries to combine artwork with something useful. She is fascinated that 'the making soap' creates a beauty that disappears and does not remain in the world.
These unique looking soaps are made with 7 balanced plants-based oils and colored & scented by natural ingredients.
Soapsoop not only nourishes the skin and mind but is also kind to our environment.


Sophie Spiral (they/she) is an eARTh prACTitioner creating art and medicines to heal disconnection within humans and with Earth. Through re-connecting with plants and spirit, Sophie dances along the spiral path of healing to expand into wholeness and belonging and invites you to join this celebration of love and life!


Elke, the person behind Still Garments, carefully dyes scarves and scrunchies with plants.

Some of these plants come from her little garden, others are responsibly foraged in her surroundings.

During the summer she is an avid gardener, too, and teaches natural dyeing in her Berlin studio and online year-round. Recently she released an e-book on creating your own dye garden.


To Terra Skin Food our skins and bodies are our very first home and they are a space in which we should always fell beautiful and safe.  Terra Skin Food assists all people to achieve that safety and beauty within the boundaries of their bodies.