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AVANT-GARDEN’s bath teas are all made with locally foraged herbs and are multi-
purpose in their use. You can use them in your bath, in foot baths or drunk as a
tea. Naturally calming and supportive.

SIZE 30g

Summery Bath Tea:
Bringing sunshine into our lives this bath tea is great for a little bit of summer
Gathered in Brandenburg: goldenrod, st.Joans wort, lilac flowers, sage, lavender

Immune Love Bath Tea:
This little beauty is a great bath tea when you’re a little under the weather, it
will support your body in numerous ways to help encourage it in the natural
healing process.

Gathered in Brandenburg: elder flowers, yarrow, lavender, wild oregano,
cleavers, pine needles.
All gathered herbs are locally and seasonally wildcrafted personally by Avant-
Garden. All vinegars produced by Avant-Garden. All other ingredients are locally
sourced and bought from local small businesses where possible.

Price includes 19% MWSt.