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Start your own little dye garden: You receive seeds for six different dye plants. Seeds are from regional
nurseries, mostly organic.
Also included: a small booklet with tips on sowing, the most important information about the plants in a
table for an overview and a small portrait of the properties and requirements of the plants. The booklet
comes in German, but you can receive a digital version in English, just leave a note with your order.
Woad, Isatis tinctoria, approx. 50 seeds
Weld, Reseda luteola, approx. 500 seeds
Tickseed,, Coreopsis tinctoria (certified organic), approx. 400 seeds
Marigold, Tagetes erecta (certified organic) (filled flowers, mix of yellow and orange) , approx. 75 seeds
Dyer's chamomile, Anthemis tinctoria (certified organic), approx. 100 seeds
Orange cosmos, Cosmos sulphureus (certified organic), approx. 20 seeds
The kit size is perfect for a small dye garden, a few beds in an alotment garden, and for growing in
containers on a balcony. Some plants, such as weld or tickseed, have very light and small seeds. The
sachets are as light as a feather, but still contain a few hundred seeds!