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EDIBLE ALCHEMY fermentation cultures

  • EDIBLE ALCHEMY fermentation cultures
  • EDIBLE ALCHEMY fermentation cultures
  • EDIBLE ALCHEMY fermentation cultures


You will receive a jar of recently fed Cornelius (sourdough starter) 155 years old
A recipe developed by Edible Alchemy how to work with sourdough starters and make a bread.
feel free to give him/her/it another name 🙂
This is our dear 155 ear old sourdough culture named Cornelius picked up in Iceland some years back with said roots in Basque region
As he gets older he is constantly getting stronger.
With sourdough starter you can make breads, pancakes, cakes, injera, crepe and and and…
Sourdough starters help digest the complex carbohydrates in flours making the finished product bio available and easy to digest. i.e. more nutritious and delicious.
Cornelius is simply unstoppable. Read more about him here in our interview with Cornelius.
For guidance, recipes, tips and tricks, check out our online sourdough course:


You will receive:

A fresh and healthy kombucha SCOBY (symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeasts)
Kombucha starter-culture liquid to help start your first brew (its important to always have some liquid from previous batches to continue the process of bacterial succession)
Instruction Sheet on HOW-TO and what not to do
You will be able to learn and become a pro in primary and secondary kombucha fermentation and be able to mix your own custom flavors!
Kombucha is a fermented sweet tea drink that originated in Eurasia over 2000 years ago, and spread across the world. You simply brew a strong, sweetened tea, then add the starter (the SCOBY – Symbiotic Colony Of Bacteria and Yeast). The bacteria and yeasts in the SCOBY eat the sugar during the fermentation process and produce carbon dioxide and many beneficial bacterias. Details of flavor, acidity, and even color are open to the individual brewer’s creativity. The finished drink is full of pro-biotics, promoting good health to ones immune system, digestive system and over all wellbeing.


You will receive:

150 grams of healthy and fresh water kefir (tibicos) crystals
Instruction sheet and information about water kefir: how-to, what not-to-do, how to flavor and continue
Water kefir is a light, naturally fermented, effervescent probiotic beverage with a diverse range of flavors. Depending on how you prepare it with various sources of sugars, fruits and syrups, your water kefir can be sweet or sour with light or strong sparkle of bubbles – Natural carbonation!

It can even become a little bit alcoholic which may be of interest to some (around 0.5% alc. or more depending on how long you ferment it and in which conditions).

Water kefir is made by mixing water kefir crystals or “grains” with water and sugar, and allowing time to ferment. These grains are actually Symbiotic Colonies Of Bacteria & Yeast (aka, SCOBYs), and come in the form of beautiful, translucent-jelly-crystals. In the right environmental conditions they can more than double in quantity every day!