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The flower essences by AVANT-GARDEN reconnect the body and soul so as the life force within us can
flow symphonically and unrestricted keeping us in a balanced state of being.
They do not change who we are but instead enhance one’s positive qualities by
resolving unhelpful emotions, thinking and beliefs which no longer serve us.
All flower essences were created by Avant-Garden from Brandenburg flowers.

Sacral Essence:
To open our sacral chakra, supporting our inner fire, shifting emotional
stagnancy and allowing playfulness to enter into this space
Red Poppy, Rhododendron, cowslip. Avant-Garden peach vinegar.
SIZE: 10 ml

Healing Heart Essence:
To open our heart chakra learning to let emotions go which no longer serve us.
Allowing room for outer and inner love to blossom, while feeling in a protected
space during this process.
Apple, rose, hawthorn. Avant-Garden peach vinegar.
SIZE: 10 ml

All gathered herbs are locally and seasonally wildcrafted personally by Avant-
Garden. All vinegars produced by Avant-Garden. All other ingredients are locally
sourced and bought from local small businesses where possible.

Price including 19% MWSt.