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This all natural vinegar household soap by BERLINER ZAUBERKRAUT is made using the cold soaping process and consists of equal parts of sunflower, rapeseed and olive oil.
The base soap was refined with the finest nettle powder, apple cider vinegar and carefully grated by hand and liquified. It is particularly suitable as a dish soap, but can also be used to remove stains or clean the floor.

Nettle leaves were already used for cleaning holy places and altars in the days of the Teutons. In the witches' belief, the leaves can block evil from entering your home.

Pink Soap:
This Hexenk├╝che exclusive has been refined with pink clay and madder root, following ancient traditions. Our rose oil lends a fine scent to all your house hold needs.
SIZE: 500ml

White Soap:
The classic liquid soap has been refined with anti-viral laurel oil, which gives your home this extra protection it needs right now.
SIZE: 500ml

Olive oil, Sunflower Oil, Rapeseed Oil, Lye, distilled water, nettle powder, apple cider vinegar, laurel oil - alternatively: rose oil, pink clay and madder root powder

Soap-based cleaning care, eye contact should be avoided. Not
for prolonged skin cleansing.

Add any dispenser head for perfect dosage. (sold without to avoid plastic waste)

Price including 19% MWSt.